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2.     Eternality


a)    Definitions

(1)   This attribute is a logical conclusion to God’s self-existence because, if God is self-existent, He must also exist eternally and endlessly. However, it is more than a logical conclusion; it is a major truth and theme in Scripture.

(2)   Eternality could be defined as, God is without beginning, or end…God is free from all succession of time though He is the author of it. (Gibson, Study of God, Lancaster Bible College)

(3)   Louis Berkhof defines it as, that perfection of God whereby He is elevated above all temporal limits and all succession of moments, and possesses the whole of His existence in one indivisible present. (Louis Berkhof, ibid, pg. 60)

b)    God exists without beginning or end, and therefore exists eternally (Job 36:26; Ps 102:24).

c)     God’s eternality is also seen in His name found in Ex 3:14. The Great I AM (Self-Existent One) has always existed and will always exist (Ge 1:1 cf. Ep 1:4 & 1Pe 1:20 also cf. Christ - Jn 1:1-3, 15; Jn 8:58; Col 1:17).

d)    God is described as existing from “everlasting to everlasting” (Ps 90:1-4; Ps 41:13; Is 43:13).

(1)   The word “everlasting” in Hebrew is olam. In order to demonstrate God’s eternality, He revealed one of His names as El-Olam, i.e. the Everlasting God (Ge 21:33; Is 40:28).

(2)   In Ro 16:26, He revealed Himself as the “Eternal (aiṓnios) God.” The Greek expression, eís toús aiṓnas tṓn aiṓnas means, “forever and ever” (Gal 1:5).

e)     God existed before time, space, the universe, and the heavens (Jude 1:25; Ge 1:1; Neh 9:6; Isa 42:5; He 11:3).

f)     God’s eternality is contrasted with the temporal physical existence of man (Ps 102:11-12, 25-27; Job 10:5).

g)     Applications

(1)   Since God is the everlasting God, then the life He gives through His Son is also everlasting. Since He never ceases to exist, our eternal life in Him will never cease (Mt 25:46; Jn 3:15-16, 36; Jn 5:24).

(2)   God works all things for good in His own time (Ro 8:28). Man however, must work within the limits of his limited time (Ps 39:5). But the believer works within his limited time for eternal ends (Ps 90:12; Mt 6:19-20; 1Th 2:19). Though the believer must struggle and suffer in this life, it is not comparable to his eternal glory with Christ (Ro 8:18).




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